Out of Site curates cutting edge unexpected encounters in public space. We support contemporary performance artists to create new work that engages directly with the public. Artists are invited to select public sites that resonate with their practice. Our mission is to bring cultural experiences to everyone facilitating unique surprises for everyone. We curate work that brings joy, is provocative and transports people out of their daily routines to create a moment of reflection and wonder in their lives.

Out of Site is the brainchild of Carron Little (Faculty in Performance Art at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago) and Whitney Tassie (Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts).  They were thinking about how amazing it would be if when people come home on a Friday night there would be a unique dance piece like Rachel Bunting and The Humans running around the Polish Triangle with horses heads  or some strange encounter like Martine Viale from Canada slowly assembling an installation and then becoming a sculptural element. The magic of coming across something unique is what makes Wicker Park/ Bucktown so special.

If you wish to collaborate with Out of Site we accept solicitations from people who have a budget to pay artists and production teams. One of our founding principles is to raise the money to pay professional artists for professional work and we’ve developed a scale in line with wagesforwork.

2012 Jury Panel – Meg DuguidTricia Van EckCarron Little and Joseph Ravens

2013 Jury Panel  – Tricia Van EckCarron Little, Joseph Ravens and Roberto Sifuentes

2014 Jury Panel – Tricia Van Eck, Mark Jeffery and Carron Little 

2015 Jury Panel –  Carron Little, Roberto Sifuentes and Kevin Sparrow

2016 – Shapiro Research Fellowship with Madalene Brooker

2017 – Carron Little juried the selection

2018 – Carron Little juried the selection

2019 – Carron Little juried the selection


WPB SSA #33:
The Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce administers the WPB Special Service Area (SSA #33). SSAs, often known as Business Improvement Districts in other cities, provide a fair and transparent way to finance and manage programs to create, maintain and manage clean, attractive and competitive commercial districts. The SSA is overseen by a Commission of 12 stakeholders in the SSA. We are guided by a Master Plan adopted in 2009 after extensive public input, and we accomplish our work through active committees.

The Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce:
The Wicker Park and Bucktown Chamber of Commerce serves as a cornerstone of the Wicker Park and Bucktown commercial districts, advancing the financial goals of neighborhood businesses through the creation of a dynamic economic climate, increasing the neighborhood’s visibility and viability, and encouraging profitable relationships within the community. Read more at wickerparkbucktown.com.

Support for this project was also provided by The Propeller Fund, a joint administered grant from Threewalls and Gallery 400 at The University of Illinois at Chicago.

In 2015 we received generous support from Chicago Department of Special Events and Cultural Affairs.

Many thanks to The Gertrude Wachtler Cohen Memorial Foundation (to be renamed The Dr. Edward S. Orzac Foundation) for their generous and continued support from 2016 till present.

We are generously supported by Experimental Sound Studio as a fiscal sponsor in 2019.

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Propeller Fund
Support for this project was provided by The Propeller Fund, a joint administrated grant from Threewalls and Gallery 400 at The University of Illinois at Chicago.


Sponsors in previous years have been:

Out of Site is grateful to numerous businesses and individuals working together to make the performance series a success.



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