Image by Simone Donha

– My name is Yvette Teeuwen (1975) from The Netherlands, born in the picturesque city (of painter Vermeer): Delft. I now live and work as visual artist & art performer in cultural sea-city The Hague, a short hour from Amsterdam. I studied at The Hague’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Mixed Media; 1997-2001). Besides I am a museum teacher at Art Museum The Hague. On occasion I give art performance masterclasses to high school students. I gave lectures about my art at Dutch Open Performance Academy (Rotterdam, 2018) & for Performance Site (The Hague, 2018/2021) & gallery Ita (Lappeenranta, Finland, 2019). I followed performance workshops from German duo VestAndPage, Marilyn Arsem from the U.S. (2019), Johannes Deimling/Performance Art Studies (Germany, 2019 & 2020) and Meri Hietala (Voikkaa, Finland, 2019). Exhibitions: The Hague, Amsterdam, Dordrecht and other Dutch cities . Abroad: Chili & U.S. (2021), India & Mexico & U.S. & Chili & Germany (2020), Finland (2019) and Portugal (2018).