Surya Tüchler, “ErdeMossBaum”, performance for “4th Be-coming Tree Global Live Art Event”, 2021, photo by Amalie Vilslev Juelsgaard

– Surya Tüchler (*1980/Germany) is a performance artist living in Hamburg/Germany. She studied fine arts and performing arts at the Braunschweig University of Art in Germany, where she received a post-graduate degree in fine arts (“Meisterschülertitel”) and a scholarship from the Braunschweigischer Kulturbesitz Foundation in 2010. She has specialised in performance art in a semester abroad in Valencia/Spain with Bartolomé Ferrando and in workshops of various performance artists like Adina Bar-On, Elvira Santamaria, Jürgen Fritz and Kira O‘Reilly.
In 2010 she co-curated three festivals for side-specific performances in Braunschweig and in 2017 she curated the performance festival “momentum – Performancetage” in Hamburg.
As an artist in residence she performed e.g. in the Brazilian jungle in 2012 (Casa do Rio) and 2021 in forests of Denmark (Earthwise Residency) and Italy (Nature, Art & Habitat Residency).
Her live performances and video performances were shown at various festivals and in exhibitions at home and abroad (e.g. Brazil, Denmark, England, Finland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Poland and Spain).

The physical relation to materials and places is her way of expressing herself. Mostly these are natural materials with which she covers or masks herself, expands her body and becomes one. She slips deep into materials and places to feel the depth within herself. Tüchler’s seemingly archaic performances create images that can oscillate between human and animal, beauty and disgust, life and death.