Unexpected Encounters curated by Carron Little
with artists Beau Coleman, Beate Linne, Yvette Teeuwen & Surya Tüchler
October 1, 2021 from 4pm CT | 11pm ECT
In partnership with Experimental Sound Studios


In reflection of Out of Site’s move online during the pandemic we have observed the importance of centering public space in the work. In doing so we continue to respond in relation to public site and facilitate unexpected encounters with a random publics. Working in the local contexts in which we live and inhabit. The unique relationship that can happen through these intimate encounters with space works on a personal level for each artist in conjunction with the possibility for a random encounter with a virtual publics/audience? As we continue to reflect on the impact that can happen with our work I am excited to share the work of these four artists, Beau Coleman, Beate Linne, Yvette Teeuwen and Surya Tüchler.

In a reflective dialogue with our community we remain committed to creating a platform for experimental practices priortizing marginalized voices from around the world.

These performances will happen in live local contexts by Surya Tüchler from Hamburg, Germany, Beate Linne from Turin, Italy, Yvette Teeuwen from The Hague in The Netherlands and Beau Coleman streaming live from Edmonton, Canada.