About Manuela Macco

Manuela Macco is a visual artist based in Turin (IT). She graduated in History of Contemporary Art at the University of Turin in 1996. During her university course, she examined in depth the history of performance art and took an interest in feminist approaches to art history and art criticism. Simultaneously, in addition to learning painting, she devoted herself to the study of contemporary dance and other movement techniques.

From the mid-2000s, she did research mainly on visual art. Currently her work, despite starting from the body, is focusing on the use of different media including photography, video, drawing, text, collage, installation and performance.

Starting from the training, the constant interplay between artistic production and theoretical reflection characterizes the artist’s career by influencing her art projects as well as the curatorial and educational ones. The investigation on the body is central in her research, both as a mean of expression and knowledge, and as a political and cultural fact. Her work addresses issues that directly involve her as a woman an artist.
The mechanisms of the creative process, the artist’s role in society, the relationship between artists and public, the social construction of identity, the relationship between public and private life, are some of the content explored in her work.

Since 2008 she has held workshops about theory and practice of performance art at various universities, including: Sichuan Art Institute of Chongqing (CN), Ecole Supérieure de l’Agglomération d’Annecy, the Fine Arts Academy of Turin, the University of Turin.
As a curator she created and organized events dedicated to performance art and exhibitions focusing on gender issues. In 2012 she founded the torinoPERFORMANCEART project of which she is still co-director and co-curator. She has participated in numerous international art residency projects, festivals and exhibitions.

The body, in my research, is a presence and is a place of experience, it confronts itself with the context that hosts it, exercising listening as a space of possibility. The perception of physical sensations allows the concept, the idea, to be incarnated by the body, transforming the creative act into a not only intellectual process. I’m interested in the body-mind relationship and I’m attracted to the border areas. Through minimal interventions, I explore the notions of limit and resistance and the tensions related to them, I investigate the threshold between personal and social, between physical and political space.
Manuela Macco