Image of Artist in a Box by DeMarcus Purham, photo by Jamie Gannon, OoS2013

Saturday August 7, @2pm Peterson Park
Saturday August 14, @2pm Marquette Park
Saturday August 21, @2pm Jackson Park
Saturday August 28, @2pm Garfield Park

LOCATION: Stationary Locations


About DeMarcus Purham
Born and raised in Chicago, IL. DeMarcus Purham, now 34, is a self-taught artist that creates detailed cityscape art with various mediums on multidimensional surfaces. He has developed numerous techniques using Acrylic paint markers, plexiglass, Prismacolor pencils, and various aluminum materials. Purham’s creative messageis to transcend architectural-style drawing into a new form of art

At age two, Purham began his journey as an artist. He would often observe his older brother create detailed characters. Observing his brother create, inspired Purhamtopursue art. Purham went on to develop similar skills throughout his teen years. From2001 to 2004, Purham participated in Gallery 37 Center for the Arts apprenticeshipprogram. The program helped Purham find his creative niche. Creating detailedbuildings with white color pencils on a black background. The apprenticeship program was established in Chicago by Maggie Daley and Lois Weisberg to support inner city teen artists.

Pursing his studies with the same passion, Purham graduated fromLeo Catholic HighSchool in 2005 with honors. Most importantly, he attended the prestigious Parsons School of Design for one year in New York City. Purham returned to Chicago in 2006and pursed his art career. He has showcased various works at prestigious events around the United States, such as The Artist Project Toronto and One of a Kind ShowChicago. Along with Out of Site Chicago and Art in Odd Places.

Since the Covid 19 outbreak, Purham has used his home studio as an incubator tocontinue producing artwork. Currently, Purham is focused on his two public art performance called Artist in a Box and Inversion Artist. Established in 2013 by Purham, Artist in a Box showcases him creating detailed buildings inside a 5 by 3feet plexiglass box on each panel. While Inversion Artist, created in 2015, displays Purham upside down painting detailed buildings on plexiglass with Acrylic paint markers. Both performances highlight his artistic passion, endurance, and creativity.