All embracing Photo Matthias StephanOut of Site is curating a night of performance art and dance with Experimental Sound Studio on February 26, 2021 @7pm

In moving our public performance program online Out of Site has been facilitating international collaborations with our alumni community of performance artists and dancers. In the next upcoming performance on February 26, OoS is excited to present a new collaboration between Rachel Bunting (Chicago) and Sheila Toledo (Switzerland). In facilitating connections between our artists and prioritizing time in our bi-weekly meetings for conversations about performance practice we have fostered a creative community in the pandemic times. Creativity is our resilience and this next line up of artists employ movement, butoh, ballet, poetry, live action and breath to share tools with you. Some of the performances will be interactive experiences, some will be in public space, and some will transcend time but all will be unexpected!

Performance Line-Up:
Rachel Bunting & Sheila Toledo, 7pm – 7:30pm
Meghan Moe Beitiks, 7:35pm – 7:55pm
Erin Peisert, 8pm – 8:30pm
Duff Norris, 8:35pm – 9pm
Sara Zalek, 9:05pm – 9:30pm

Image of a performance by Sheila Toledo for Out of Site 2020