Artist Focus Series - Body in Site - FB 1200 x 630

Artist Focus Fall Session will start on Saturday September 11 @11:15am CT
on Twitch, Facebook, Youtube.

To watch the Spring Session of Artist Focus where Carron Little is in conversation with Out of Site artists about their public performance practice please see the links below:

Mar Seringya-Gou
Vanessa Dion Fletcher
Meghan Moe Beitiks
Adriana Disman
Regin Igloria
CV Peterson
Wannapa Pimtong Eubanks
Sophia Kidd & Carron Little
Michal Samama

About Artist Focus

Every Saturday morning CT and late afternoon GMT Out of Site is hosting live conversations with the OoS alumni artists. In conversation with performance artists and dancers, Out of Site organizer, Carron Little will probe questions to go deep into the public performance practice of each artist and discover what inspires each person’s creativity. The first two artists in the Spring Session collaborated in the July, 2020 performance night, Mar Seringya-Gou (Spain) and Vanessa Dion Fletcher (Canada). Vanessa is also presenting her work on a panel Carron Little is co-chairing with Dr. Katherine Guinness at the College Arts Association Conference on February 11 @3pm entitled Feminist Artists: In Action | Take Action:

To tune in Artist Focus : Twitch