ThornyPalmKalimba_FereshtehToosi_image_Lindsay_MetivierFereshteh Toosi’s artworks foster animistic connections through outdoor encounters, exchange, and sensory inquiry.

In Fereshteh’s Water Radio performances (awarded The Ellies Creator Award from Oolite Arts) participants are invited to play a water conductivity sound circuit, taste sea plants, make rubbings of mangrove bark, and feel the resistance of water on their skin. Drawing attention to ways that human culture and geography are entangled shifts the audience’s capacity to notice, witness, and transform these intersections.

Fereshteh’s current project, Oil Ancestors, is a playful, immersive performance haunted by fossil spirits, ocean garbage, and ruthless oil tycoon Henry Flagler, among others. The project is inspired by Fereshteh’s experience as a first-generation immigrant of Iranian and Azeri heritage. The legacy of petroleum imperialism and conflict also impacts many parts of the Caribbean, South, and Central American countries that are represented among the immigrant residents of Miami, where Fereshteh lives.

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