Oos15+Duff_Norris_7-25_045Duff Norris is a performance artist and writer working with notions of audienceship and interstitial spaces of engagement. His guiding question remains, what happens when we specifically are in the room together? He finds his material from the specificity of these answers and moves outward from there. In his resent piece, he looks to Marshall McLuhan’s phrase, “the medium is the message,” and explores the significance of digital spaces we have recently flooded to during the pandemic. In this performance, Duff bends the parameters of the digital platform and creates questions of where exactly the performance is happening, who is doing the creating, and who is performing for whom. The digital hiccups and glitches of these platforms become part of the material of the work, as well as an invitation to the audience to engage and inform the piece. Duff also revives older techniques of live video looping in this performance to question the gaze and evoke the past as always remaining in the present.

Duff is currently based in Brooklyn and has shown work in New York City, Chicago, Baltimore, Tijuana, & Menzies Australia. He holds degrees from School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Pratt Institute. You can find more of his work at www.duffnorris.com