Collectively written scores to be performed individually or by groups.
June 27, 2020, using zoom

Written/Composed by Martine Viale (France), Allen Conkle (San Francisco, US), Wannapa P-Eubanks (Chicago, US), Jérémy Pauly (Belgium) & ieke Trinks (Netherlands)

After working on solo & collaborative performances screened on May 26 the curated artists decided to collaborate on writing scores that they would perform live in public space in their respective countries.  The artists invite you to perform these scores below:

Score # 26
Write “ Goodbye” in each of our Native language on a piece of paper, show to camera.

Score #11
Memorize out loud the following instructions.
Walk Blue. Stop Yellow.
Run Red. Stop Orange.
Skip Pink. Stop Purple.
Lie down Orange. Sit up colorless
Dream in rainbows.
Talk in multi layers, or in double rainbows
Be colorblind.

Score # 13
Walk 13 steps backwards.
Join tree number 13 for a walk.
Find 13 items and put them in a pile. If you like make 13 piles

Score #3b
Follow a line on the ground with your fingers.
Put your hands in your pockets and wave to the world and passersby.
Say ‘ Hi’ randomly when you wave to the world and passerby.

Score #4
Close your eyes.
Try to walk in a straight line.
Close your eyes and spin around.
Close your eyes.
Try to walk in a straight line again.
Open your eyes and retrace the line placed in the opposition of yours
Consider what out of line really means.
Erase the line.

Score #21
The camera of your smartphone is your partner (whom you love and care for)
Turn the camera to film flowers and continue walking.
Turn the camera to any bug or insect you find, and
Continue walking…

Score #10
1. Bring a bag of sand with you.
2. Share the sand with passersby, and leave some in the bag.
3. Sit in the middle of the sidewalk or on a lawn. Imagine filling your mouth with Sand
4. Trace the outline of your feet with chalk and leave this place.

Score #12
Press your body on a surface.
Press as long as you can.
When you are finished, look at the sky above you.

Written by Martine Viale, ieke Trinks, Jeremy Pauly and Wannapa Pimtong Eubanks