JeremyPaulyIf we look at psychology as a science, of reading what the physical world does to the psychical, then we can recognize politics as the collateral damage of this relationship. An essay to make it work, whatever it takes, is on which i concentrate my works, the beauty, the disaster, of the walk of a funambule

The questions I try to explore in my works, are all based on the relations between frustration and curiosity. My first subject is myself, when the subject is used, the work receives its first building stone. The rest of my works body emerges from contradictions and  external observations. Thos questions shouldn´t become answers, neither for me neither, for the viewer, but they tend to do it anyway, at which point they have to receive a new structure, so that their body does not disclose a debate but rather open them to a more inclusive audience. This of course is a desire and not reflective of the reality they represent, exactly this contradiction is essence, a string on which my work should balance and fall, to resist the unilateral thinking we do impose, by our singularity, to ourselves and others.
Documentation of Performance: