20190512_Allen Conkle+Jeremy Pauly_DFBRL8R_CALCIUM DEPOSITS_ by Angeliki Tsoli_86 WV

Allen received a BA in theatre and visual performance from Columbia College in 2000 and later earned an MA in performance studies from San Francisco State University where he currently teaches Performance art, Performance research and Masculinity and Communication. He worked with the critically acclaimed Nomenil Collective in Chicago writing and directing twelve original performance pieces and plays.  As a survivor of multiple sexual traumas his current work interrogates and complicates the infallibility of memory as a means of resolution of the immersive aesthetics of Complex PTSD and mental illness.  He has studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and has an MFA from  School of the Art Institute Chicago.  He has recently shown his work at Stagewerx San Francisco, Taiwan National Museum, and Dfbrl8r gallery, Chicago.

Documentation of Performance: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/633014992