2_Mar Serinya Gou Mar Serinyà Gou is a visual artist and performer born in Catalonia (Spain) in 1986.
Ph.D in Fine Arts and MA from the University of Barcelona. She was formed in voice studies from the Conservatory of Barcelona and she has been done several courses about body conscience to understand how our body works.

Her passion is to study the rhythms of the human body, the nature, and the society and how they can live together in harmony. Her work consists of using his body as an instrument to listen and to explore «what moves she» when is in a specific situation or place, being able to give an image through the artistic action during the creative process.

Since 2008, her work he has been presented in several festivals, galleries and site-specific contexts in Spain, Portugal and Australia.

Artist website: marserinya.com

Photo 01 Credit: Mar Serinyà Gou. «Opening the line» Photogram. ARBAR_Art and Cultural center & Cultural Rizoma.

Photo 01 Credit: Mar Serinyà Gou. «Breath» Photo: Sergi Gómez Muñoz.