PERFORMANCE: “Composition in Decomposition”

DATE: “Saturday August 1, 2015 – 7PM -9PM” LOCATION: “Mautene Court”


Jérémy Pauly is a Belgian artist who began his formal interaction with art in 2006 in the South of France in Antibes at ceramic school. After four years of technical practice in crafts and design, he moved to Germany and received his BFA at the “Institut fur Kunstleriche keramik und glass” in Koblenz. In this period he became particularly interested in Minimal Art and Conceptual Art and began to utilize this learned technical language of art crafts and design to focus on the more essential aspects of his work. With influences from Carl André to Sol Lewitt and Joseph Beuys to name a few, his installation works are mainly executed in large scale, always ephemeral, and conceptualized to develop connections with the audience and eventually be destructed by them. This tendency toward interaction naturally drove his works toward a performance practice and the rejection of any kind of technical knowledge or application of knowledge increased. These processes continue to be developed while pursuing an MFA at the School of the Art Institute Of Chicago. Pauly will begin his second year in the SAIC Performance Department in the fall of 2015. After exhibiting in Germany, Brazil, U.S.A, the Ludwig Museum in Koblenz, Kunstation Kleinsassen, Art fair Mainz Rheingold Halle, the Bienale universitaria de Belo Horizonte, and others, the viewer’s recognition of his work process has become clearer and is mainly inspired by simple radical gestures. Ideas are conceptually loaded – as seen in the idea of constructive self destruction – but have also a large freedom of interpretation from the viewer. Simple, radical gestures flirting with the absurd of a repeated actions or visual contradictions, where the exhaustion of the performer’s body and the material’s body have the same value and position.

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