PERFORMANCE: “The Wisdom Box”

Oos15+Duff_Norris_7-25_045DATE: “Saturday July 25 from 5pm to 6pm & Sunday July 26 from 5pm to 6pm & Friday July 27 from 5pm to 6pm”, LOCATION: “Milwaukee Ave and Evergreen Intersection” at Wicker Park Fest.

Duff Norris is from Denver Colorado and is currently based in Chicago Illinois. His experience growing up in the American West has informed his interests and practice. Being surrounded by the birthplace of artists’ communes (Drop City in southern Colorado, 1965) and the emergence of what became known as Shambhala Buddhism (Boulder & Fort Collins Colorado, 1971) he grew up with a strange brew of art and spirituality. Most of his early development involved long discussions with his parents, and later his mentors, about the nature of truth, puzzlement about how people stray so far from innocence on their way to adulthood, and why life is still worth living if it’s a series of letting go and concurring desire. Art was always present for him through his own developing skills, but also through his father’s hobby photography. Many of Norris’ first lessons about composition and the artistic eye were learned riding on the floorboards of his father’s sports car, driving through the mountains of Colorado; his father’s camera equipment loaded in the back and Duff’s brother riding shotgun. Norris experimented with drawing, and photography on and off until finding his way into performance art. There he found a unique way to question the nature of reality, our position in the world, and the meaning of our relationships.

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