PERFORMANCE: “Ballenarca”


DATE: “Saturday July 25 from 4pm to 7pm & Sunday July 26 from 1pm to 4pm”, LOCATION: “Milwaukee Ave and Evergreen Intersection” at Wicker Park Fest.

Cheraya Esters is a builder, maker, mover and shaker living in Austin, TX. She is a passionate artist for the people, dedicated to moving art beyond galleries and into public spaces where all people can enjoy! She has created and worked on many interactive pieces, including a Bicycle Powered Elevator for East Austin Studio Tour (2012 current), and The Cathedral of Celestial Mathgic [sic] that was built for Burning Man 2013, ART OUTSIDE and SXSW. When she is not designing and building artistic creations, she works as a carpenter building tiny houses for the people of Austin.

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