DATE: “Friday, October 3, 2014 – 5-7PM”
LOCATION: “Polish Triangle”
PERFORMANCE: “Emergency Response Team”

Inspired by the the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Resolve to Be Ready campaign, Emergency Response Team will treat the intersection of Milwaukee, Division, and Ashland in Wicker Park as an assembly point and training area for disaster preparation. Six ERT team members, led by a drill captain, will conduct a series of drills maneuvers designed to build stamina, hone communication skills and demonstrate readiness for the physical and emotional rigors of catastrophe. The coordinated team action will exemplify possibilities for cooperation in public spaces, while highlighting the ways in which public anxiety is increasingly “managed” as a public relations exercise. 

Ginger Krebs

Ginger Krebs has been creating, performing and directing movement-based performance projects since 2005. Her work probes the problem of being embodied and wonders at the body as our means of redemption. Krebs has presented work recently in Chicago at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Links Hall, The Cultural Center, The Dance Center of Columbia College, The Hamlin Park Fieldhouse, and The Hyde Park Art Center. She is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Performance and Contemporary Practices at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she teaches studio courses in performance art, time arts and research methods for artists.

Sara Zalek

Sara Zalek is an artist obsessed with time travel, dreams, predatory animals, permaculture, and the act of transformation. Largely inspired by Hijikata, Yoko Ono, Pina Bausch, and David Bowie, she aims to develop greater openness, acute listening and fierce collaboration while embodying the collective psyche. Formerly an adventure-traveler, yoga instructor, and self-taught artist, Zalek arrived at SAIC in 2003 and earned her second bachelor’s degree in 2006. Since then, she has performed in over 50 unique collaborations and solo works at venues locally and nationally.

Photography by Eugene Park

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