DATE: “Friday, August 1, 2014 – 5-7PM”
LOCATION: “Roaming – Damen L Station to Wicker Park”
PERFORMANCE: “The heart(beat) of the City”

Emilio Rojas was born in Mexico City, (ca.1985). He is a multidisciplinary performance artist working primarily in public interventions, film, video, photography, installation and sculpture. His works explore the relation between the artist and his audience, interacting and exchanging roles, while involving the communities that surround the spaces he engages with. The intrinsic relation with the body has been both his subject matter and medium. He utilizes his body in a political and critical way, as an instrument to unearth removed traumas, embodied forms of decolonization, migration & poetics of space. Exploring the mental and physical limits of his being, Emilio re-evaluates language, gender, activism, traditions, identity, ritual, displacement, and sexuality. Besides his artistic practice, Emilio is also a yoga teacher, translator, community activist and anti-oppression facilitator with Migrant and Queer Youth.

His works have been exhibited in the US, Mexico, Canada, Austria, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia. He has attended numerous residencies including The Banff Centre, Elsewhere Museum, The Surrey Art Gallery, Strathcona Art Gallery, and the Hammock Residency. Rojas also participated at the 54th Venice Biennale as part of the Pirate Camp: Stateless Pavilion, a residency program for young international artists. Last year, he was selected and participated in the summer residency lead by Tacita Dean, organized by Botin Foundation, in Spain. For the past five years he has been part of the board of directors of LIVE Biennale, Vancouver’s International Performance Art Biennial. He is a member of the movement collective Dance Troupe Practice, The Woodwards Community Singers, and a founding member of the Queer Migration Collective. As part of the collective El Grupa, Rojas is currently collaborating on a installation for the 2015 Havana Biennale. He holds a BFA from Emily Carr University and is currently living in Vancouver, Canada, where he will be pursuing an MFA at the University of British Columbia. His work is represented by Galeria Nuble in Santander, Spain.

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