DATE: “Friday, September 27, 2013 :: 5-7PM”
LOCATION: “Polish Triangle”
PERFORMANCE: “The probability of this working is 0%”

Jeff HuckleberryHuckleberry, dressed in white painters pants and a white t-shirt with a long sleeved red shirt beneath, pulls a small trolley with a 24 pack of Miller Lite on top. He stops and begins to pour out the cans and then stuffs the cans into his shirt. Then, at the Polish Triangle, after ditching the white t-shirt, Huckleberry paints rainbow colored dots around the fountain before piling the same paint onto his face, and then, eventually, drinking said paint.

Jeff Huckleberry received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Jeff has been performing art for the last 20 years, both nationally and internationally. He enjoys the bicycle, the hammer, the saw, wood, his wife and son, his family, his friends, and his work. He is the son and grandson of far more practical people, which he attempts to express in his art. Some people say he is more handsome without his glasses, and his mother thinks it is time to stop getting naked in front of people. …Oh, and something about death.

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