DATE: “Friday, September 20, 2013 :: 5-7PM”
LOCATION: “Throughout WPB”
PERFORMANCE: “Meetings” In collaboration with Bernard Roddy

Ieke Trinks

Seven Craigslist postings with seven different sets of instructions send the audience on distinctly different experiences throughout Wicker Park. Equipped with their chosen set of instructions with a map of the Bucktown Wicker Park area, the artists instruct the responding audience to be themselves as they move forward with the plan.

Ieke Trinks was born in the Netherlands in 1977. She lives and works in Rotterdam. She holds a Masters of Fine Art from AVK St Joost in the Netherlands (2008). Her performance work is often created using instructions, observations, and live actions made with every day objects and materials (such as cups, chairs, paper, shoes, doors, wood, shirts, nails, bananas, plastic bags), combined and deconstructed, often resulting in absurd situations that play with interpretations and expectations in response to a particular written text. Ieke’s work has been presented in various venues in Europe, the USA, South America and Canada. She is part of a performance collective called TRICKSTER that works with “emergent-form composition’”, and since 2009 she has co-produced PAE (Performance Art Event) in Rotterdam.

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“Meetings” In collaboration with Bernard Roddy

Public participation plays an important role in “Meetings”. Follow the links below to learn more from the artist’s Craigslist invitations to participate:

1. join a neighborhood tour

2. meet by chance

3. to walk the line

4. if a large box were to exchange hands

5. leaving a trace . . again and again

6. send a stand-in

7. reflections on a glass