DATE: “Friday, August 23, 2013 – 5-7PM”
LOCATION: “Throughout WPB finishing at Mautene Court”
PERFORMANCE: “We’ll Meet You There”

Reed Barco

Open Call for Participation, We’ll Meet You There
The best way to see this performance is to come walk with us.  Join one of our eight promenades:
The Promenade of Rising Dough
The Promenade of Double Knots
The Promenade of One Bumble Bee
The Promenade of Plywood
The Promenade of Noras
The Promenade of Vacuums
The Promenade of Canteloupe
The Promenade of Collies.
So if you love your vacuum, or have a Collie, if you want to march with a knot of remembrance, or carry your hand made bread dough down the streets of wicker park, come walk with us!  Each Promenade has its own starting location; just show up (with the appropriate goods) at 5pm on August 23rd, and We’ll Meet You There!
For further information on each promenade visit: