DATE: “Friday, October 12, 2012 :: 5-7PM”
LOCATION: “Roaming”
PERFORMANCE: “Simultaneous Narrative


Simultaneous Narrative” is a one day performance art walk curated by the HAPPY COLLABORATIONISTS, with featured artists, CLAIRE ASHLEYERIK PETERSONJESUS MEJIA & RUTH,SHANE WARDEJ HILL and ANDREW MEYLERperforming concurrently throughout the Wicker Park / Bucktown neighborhood, emphasizing how multiple artists interact with and alter the same space

HAPPY COLLABORATIONISTS is the curatorial collective of Anna Trier and Meredith Weber. “Happy C” provides exhibition opportunities for performance, installation and media works.

Participating Artists:

CLAIRE ASHLEY’S work inhabits the liminal space between painting, sculpture, and performance. She mines the language of abstraction, minimalism, and pop while transforming mundane industrial materials into drawings, sculptures and performative props.

ERIK PETERSON presents “Soft Palate,” strawberry ice cream, wafer cones, custom-built Holiday Ice Cream Company cart, auctioneer, an edition of edible ice cream sculptures housed within a custom-made cart and distributed by an ice cream man through the Wicker Park neighborhood. The strawberry ice cream sculptures depict the human soft palate: the mouth, teeth, tongue and throat. The ice cream buyers will, of course, consume the sculptures with their own soft palates. The auctioneer/ice cream man is outfitted in all-white, white button-down shirt and white pants. Each ice cream will cost 25 cents. Each “collector” of the ice cream is photographed with their ice cream. As the ice cream sculptures melt or are consumed, the photograph portraits become the works.   Erik plays with the public, the social, the comical, and the extraordinary. His work converses with and critiques the built landscape by creating more artifice within that landscape forcing the real, the living, the found, the created, and the counterfeit collide.

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