DATE: “Friday, September 21, 2012 – 5-7PM”
LOCATION: “Damen L Stop”
PERFORMANCE: “Cinema of Tact”

NadiaKiener_CinemaofTact_OutofSite2012-290x290Cinema of Tact” by Nadia Gomez Kiener

Kiener stands in front of the bustling Damen blue line stop, a box covering her midsection with a curtain in front. Next to her, a sign beckons “TOUCH MY NAKED BOSOM!”. When curiosity (of varying degrees of innocence and perversion) tempt passersby, they are delighted to discover that behind the curtain is a plastic hair-covered male chest instead of the promised female breasts. Based off of VALIE EXPORT’s Tap and Touch Cinema (1968).

NADIA GOMEZ KIENER was born in 1983 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and studied art in several private art studios for a long time.

Solo Exhibitions: 2007 “Contemporary temples” – Nun Gallery,  “I try it, now what ?” – Pabellón 4 Gallery; 2008 “¿What means to be a man for you?” – Barraca Vorticista; 2009 “The weepers” – Consorcio de arte Gallery; 2010 “Zeus fault” – Centro Cultural Recoleta;

Performances: 2007 “Spy then exist I” (24 hs performance) – Gorriti 5182; 2008 “Heterosexual pride march” – Plaza de Mayo; 2009 “The psychoanalysis session” – Gachi Prieto Gallery; 2011 “Performance B II” – Corrientes Av.,  “Public Division” – Centenario Park,  “Equality football”

Group Exhibitions: 2007 Bahia Blanca biennal, Museum of Contemporary Art Bahia Blanca,  Matilde Bensignor Gallery; 2008 Arte Ba, Soho Telo muestra – Pussy Cats Hotel; 2009 ECUNHI; 2009 National award – Palais de Glace; 2010 Diversa Festival – C.C.E.B.A.; 2011 National award – Palais de Glace; 2012 T.P.A. Torino performance festival- Turin, Italy

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