DATE: “Friday, August 10, 2012 – 5-7PM”
LOCATION: “Polish Triangle and Wicker Park Entrance”
PERFORMANCE: “What You Look Like”

Mothergirl_WhatYouLookLike_ooswk3-290x290What You Look Like” MOTHERGIRL (Katy Albert and Sophia Hamilton)

Passerbys are invited to peek inside of a giant flower printed box in the Polish Traingle. Inside, a flower beast, who saw herself in the mirror for the first time that day, takes the pictures of those who peek inside of her box.

By creating theatrical events in non-­‐theatrical spaces, MOTHERGIRL combines the use of complex contextual framing with a hypersensitivity to discovered and assembled setting. The style of their work ranges from installation to interactive performance. Mothergirl has performed in group shows at DEFIBRILLATOR performance art gallery, Roxaboxen Gallery, and The Milk Factory Gallery. They also host Bits and Pieces, a monthly salon/art party for ideas and experiments, in their Logan Square home, and are 2012 ACRE Residents.

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